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Looking for a smart way to generate leads for your business? Try our vehicle wraps. They work round the clock 24-7 to attract new potential clients and customers and bring in leads innovatively and affordably. What’s more, they deliver a slew of other benefits, including protecting your precious paintwork. Aviwraps offers a complete service for wraps of all kinds. Choose from our portfolio or contact us for items tailored to your needs.

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Complete Ceramic Coating service on vehicles, boats, and motorhomes.


Protect your most pride possesions with a high durable Cerakote ceramic coating.

In search of a way to keep your precious firearms safe from moisture, chemical pollution, and every day wear-and-tear? Join the savvy gun owners who’ve opted for Cerakote® coating from Aviwraps, a division of Jaytown Industries Inc.

 A liquid ceramic, Cerakote® is sprayed onto any item which is then baked (or Air Cured) to form a super-tough coating. Applied to your firearm, Cerakote® can function as both a decorative coating and a protective finish. This way it functions as a superior blend of paint and sealant. Browse the catalog of Cerakote® colors and treatments offered by Aviwraps today and get ready to give your firearm the love it deserves.

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Word of mouth marketing is no longer a sustainable source for growing your business. Let AVIwraps take the headache out of marketing so you can focus on your business. We are a full scale in house marketing firm that generates leads and appointments for many of our clients. We specialize in web design, custom tailored ad management and lead generation.

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I have owned AVI Wraps for over 18 years and continue to love running my business. Wrapping vehicles is my passion and has taken me all over the world. I am committed to quality and attention to detail.

Rick Jay


Hi! I’m the face you first see when you come into our shop or the first voice you hear when you call! I love what we do to help people, businesses, schools. I am proud of what AVIWRAPS stands for, honesty, fairness, we stand by our word! We love the fact that our customers turn into friends and family!


Web designer and internet marketer. Nicholas has been building websites and online businesses since 2000. He always stays ahead of the game by avoiding old washed out marketing tactics and integrating new ones. 

Cameron Merrill

Hard working, dedicated employee. Cameron is new to the family but not to the industry. Cameron has been trained directly by our owner Rick and given the certification of installer here at AVIwraps.


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branding is not just our business. it's our life. here's how we can help your business

Jaytown Industries Inc is always on the cutting edge of marketing tools. We are constantly evolving, innovating, and pushing far beyond the call. We are highly trained and certified in many aspects of our industry.


who is jaytown industries?

A Vinyl Image was established in 2003. What started out as a hobby in my living room then lead in to my garage then grew in to my parents larger work shop and now into a 3000sqft facility located in Beaumont, CA.  All within four years. Although our business is advertising other than a few wrapped vehicles, this website, numerous sponsorships and community events we don’t advertise. Our customer base is our sales force. On average our customers refer at least 3 new customers to us. We thank them and strive to always provide the highest quality product in a timely manner.   The Name has been modified to attract more customers.  A.V.I. is the acronym for A Vinyl Image. We added the signs and graphics for the finishing touch.


Besides vehicle advertising, word of mouth is one of the best avenues to generate good business, that’s why our reward is to see the overzealous reaction in the client’s face when we unveil our creation on our client’s vehicles for the first time.

We are committed to establishing long-term relationships with our clients, and delivering high quality solutions that are customized to their companies or campaigns. We prioritize communication with our clients, and throughout every project we continue working closely with them to reach full satisfaction.

“When you want to make a lasting impression, go big and go bold.”