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Looking for a smart way to generate leads for your business? Try our vehicle wraps. They work round the clock 24-7 to attract new potential clients and customers and bring in leads innovatively and affordably. What’s more, they deliver a slew of other benefits, including protecting your precious paintwork. Aviwraps offers a complete service for wraps of all kinds. Choose from our portfolio or contact us for items tailored to your needs.

What is a
Vinyl Wrap

You have a wide choice of methods for attracting leads. These include tried-and-tested routines such as handing out fliers in the streets where your target market hangs out, to running sophisticated ads on Facebook or other social media platforms. Both can be costly and hit and miss. One underused method of getting your message out is via vehicle wraps. Powerful and cost-effective, they can generate leads for your business around the clock. So, let’s take an in-depth look at vinyl wrap to see how it works and how we at Aviwraps can help you make the most of your promotional budget.

The car and truck wrap process involves covering your vehicle either partially or completely with a layer of vinyl. Along with providing a solid layer of protection to the underlying paintwork, vinyl wrapping allows you to change the color and/or look of your vehicle, and to present promotional messages.


Vinyl wraps work to change the vibe and swagger of your vehicle instantly. They provide a fast and affordable alternative to spray painting and offer you a breathtaking range of options of vibrant styles, eye-popping colors, and dazzling patterns, images, and motifs. The best thing about vinyl wraps for business owners is that you can emblazon your vehicles with your logo, company name, and contact details including website address, phone, and email address.

This way, whether you’re running a single car or truck, or a whole fleet, vehicle wraps automatically help drum up local business in the area where you operate. Use your own logo and images or contact  Aviwraps to help design spectacular car wraps, truck wraps, RV wraps, or whatever else you need—we can wrap anything.

Using wraps to get your message out is also extremely flexible when it comes to presenting individual advertising campaigns. When your campaign is over, the wrap is easily removed and replaced by another if necessary.

To summarize, commercial wraps from Aviwrap allow you to decorate your vehicles with striking graphics and images that assert your brand and offer maximum exposure to your marketing message while protecting your vehicles from knocks and the elements.

vehicle wrap


Another great feature of vehicle wraps is their flexibility in sizing. You have choices ranging from simple decals to partial coverage, including quarter, half and three-quarter wraps, to a full wrap that covers the whole vehicle.

Decals offer a fast way to present your logo or other small message on doors and other prominent areas of the car or truck. Partial wraps offer tremendous scope to present your image and company information with large, vivid pictures, copious text, and much more. Full wraps involve covering the entire vehicle including the windows. However, as the roofs of larger vehicles such as trucks are not generally visible, many users don’t bother wrapping them. Get in touch the Aviwraps today to discover the range of coverage on offer.

Why wrap a
commercial Vehicle?

Commercial wraps from Aviwraps function as mobile billboards that take your message right to your potential customers. You’ve already invested in your car or fleet of vehicles, so why not make the most of its potential for advertising your brand and products?

If you’re a new venture or are launching a new product, vehicle wraps work to build awareness in the market. For more established companies, they continuously reinforce your brand identity. Mobile media billboards have been shown to exhibit very high recall rates and also build a positive image of the firm.

Vehicle wraps

What is the lifespan

The lifespan of vehicle wraps depends on the quality of the materials used, the craftsmanship of the installer, and the environment in which the fleet operates. On average in southern California they last between 2-4 years, though factors such as strong UVA and UVB sunlight and winter road salting can lower the lifespan.

You can extend the lifespan by applying a ceramic coating such ad Ceramic Pro® (vinyl PPF Versions). On average, with this additional application you can extend your wrap an additional 2 to 6 years. So a vehicle wrap potentially can last 4-10 years. Vinyl is best removed once it is no longer needed to prevent aging of the vinyl and causing removal problems later.

The difference between bad and good

Vinyl wrap materials come in a wide range of standards, and like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. As a rule, leading suppliers such as 3M and Avery offer high-quality items, while unbranded products from China tend to vary in quality. In addition, different manufacturers tend to excel in different ways in terms of adhesives, ease of use, and textures.  For these reasons, it’s best to source your vinyl wraps from a reputable local firm with a proven track record such as Aviwraps.

Ready to spread the word about your business and bring in the leads you need for success? Contact Aviwraps today to learn about our comprehensive range of professional services. We offer quality vinyl wraps for all kinds of vehicles. Browse our UTV wrap, RV wrap, car, and truck wrap catalog to find inspiration.

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