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In search of a way to keep your precious firearms safe from moisture, chemical pollution, and every day wear-and-tear? Join the savvy gun owners who’ve opted for Cerakote® coating from Aviwraps, a division of Jaytown Industries Inc.

 A liquid ceramic, Cerakote® is sprayed onto any item which is then baked (or Air Cured) to form a super-tough coating. Applied to your firearm, Cerakote® can function as both a decorative coating and a protective finish. This way it functions as a superior blend of paint and sealant. Browse the catalog of Cerakote® colors and treatments offered by Aviwraps today and get ready to give your firearm the love it deserves.

What is cerakote?

Cerakote® is a polymer-ceramic protective coating that is commonly applied to firearms to protect them and/or change their color. Its name is a compound derived from ‘cera’ from the ceramics used in its products, and ‘koat’ which is a cool way of saying ‘coat.’ For this reason, you may see it spelled Ceracoat by mistake. One of the great qualities of this material is that it forms the very thin layer necessary for use with items such as guns, which require fine mechanics and tight tolerances.

So how do your guns benefit from the application of Cerakote®?

By applying this material to your firearms, you make them resistant to corrosion, chemicals, and moisture. It also bolsters the gun’s strength and hardness making it highly impact resistant, hardy, and less likely to get scratches and nicks.

Another plus is that the coating acts as an effective lubricant meaning you don’t need to use so much oil when lubing your weapon. It also attracts far less in the way of dust and dirt than a gun that is not coated.

Cerakote® treated guns are resistant to the elements including pollutants and chemicals such as salt and acid rain. So, if you live near the coast, a river, or estuary, for example, this process will help keep your gun in good shape.

A coating is also useful in hot environments when your gun might be subject considerable perspiration. This covers both humid regions and dry and dusty areas such as deserts. As you can see, this sophisticated process bequeaths a host of benefits onto your guns. So, get in touch with Aviwraps today to see how we can help you keep your firearms in peak condition

What can Cerakote® be applied too?

Cerakote® works wonders with guns, knives, scopes, bows but its versatile protection power makes it ideal to protect a wide range of other items. In particular, it can be usefully applied to all kinds of vehicles and other various parts and accessories including off-road and marine.

 Various Cerakote® coatings can withstand temperatures of up to 2,000 degrees, making it the ideal treatment of components such as exhausts, mufflers, and headers. A nice side effect of using ceramic coated headers is that besides protecting the header itself from heat, it reduces heat emissions thus helping to maintain a lower overall temperature under the hood of your vehicle.

How does Cerakote® compare to powder coating?

Cerakoting and powder coating both involve sealing an item with a protective covering. Powder coating involves spraying ionized plastic powder onto the item and then curing it to melt the plastic. The main difference is that cerakoting results in a thinner and far more rugged finish.

Also, it’s far more flexible, an essential consideration for items with moving parts, such as guns. It’s also more expensive than powder coating, but its durability and vast range of color options make it excellent value. Another consideration is that Cerakoting was explicitly developed for use with firearms and engineered to offer the optimal blend of durability and slimness required for use with guns. It can also be used with all the materials used in gun manufacture including plastic, steel, and aluminum.

Can anyone apply Cerakote® to my guns?

In many cases, weapons manufacturers apply Cerakote® finishes as part of the production process, either as policy or upon request. Otherwise, you can request it as an aftermarket upgrade from your gunsmith or vendor. The applicator must be have a current FFL. An Applicator who does not a have a current FFL is committing a felony and your firearm can be seized. All Cerakote® certified applicators must have a FFL and attend Cerakote® training as a requirement of Cerakote® to be certified.

A third option is to do it your self at home. However, proper Cerakoting does involve the total disassembly of your firearm, degreasing, followed by some sandblasting to ensure the coating sticks. Finally, the process requires either oven or open-air baking of the coating which can emit some nasty fumes, so it’s best not to do it in your kitchen.

The whole process requires considerable attention to details and is really best left to professionals with a proven track record in powder coating guns. To find out how we can help you maintain your weapons in prime condition, get in touch with Aviwraps today.

What type of Cerakote® colors are available?

Another benefit of Cerakote® is that you can change the color of your gun at the same time you’re protecting it. This is entirely optional, and if you do, you’ll find a wide range of hues to choose from.

 If you want something more exotic than regular gunmetal, you can choose from a broad palette of muted and vibrant colors to suit your taste. Options range from black, bronze, and tan colors, all the way to eye-catching hues such as jungle green, crimson, and orange.

By carefully picking the perfect hue, you end up with a weapon that reflects your personality, while confident its sturdy coating is keeping it well-protected from shocks and the climate. A quick skim through our online catalog of Cerakoted firearms will show you the stunning choices available.

How do I find Cerakote® near me?

If you live in the Beaumont, CA area or in the United States and want to take impeccable care of your firearms, get in touch with Aviwraps today at 951-769-0310. We’ll help you choose a custom finish for your weapon, or you can just pick from our wide range of themes. Just browse our gallery that showcases a selection of subtle and vibrant colors to select your ideal finish. We can also offer you cutting-edge Cerakote® solution for your car, van, truck, boat, or any other type of vehicle.